Psychic Reading
This stress and pain can be greatly eased by personal, private mediumship reading with me. I can make genuine contact with the Spirits of those who have crossed over into the afterlife, and bring you specific messages of resolution, love, and compassion. It’s my great honor to offer personalized evidence that Spirit loves you and cherishes you unconditionally, and is continually guiding and supporting you. This is what our loved ones who have passed want most for us in this life.

Palm Reading
Reading the palm of your hand is a practice to know what will happen in your near future, whether the good or the bad goes in your direction or more. By reading the palm of his hand, I can give you information about your relationship and your profession. I believed that a person’s future is in their hand lines. It is true and has been experimenting in many countries for a thousand years. A good palm reader is a person who uses his mental power to read the lines in his palm and gives more information about his profession, his married life and his future.

Tarot Card Reading
Tarot is considered one of the most popular forms of divination. We believe the origins of tarot can be traced to India. Tarot reads the future with cards. There have been special cards that have been developed and used for Tarot readings. The most common Tarot pack used all around the world is the Rider Waite Pack consisting of 78 cards. Hundreds of Tarot packs have been developed since then. There are packs using gods and goddesses, angels and arch angels, nature, magic, mythology, modern art and so forth. The energy of every Tarot pack differs. The themes used in every pack also change the energy of the cards. For example, a Tarot pack of dwarfs will have a very different energy as compared to a Tarot pack of dragons. If you gauge the energies of a pack, you will be able to differentiate the small nuances of each pack.

Crystal Ball Reading
Basically there are four types commonly used. One is the low cost solid glass gazing ball. These are fine as long as they are free from bubbles and the distortion level is tolerable. The second type is made from ‘lead’ crystal or a mixture of this and glass. These are fine as long as they too are bubble and distortion free and are not darkly tinted. The third type is the reconstituted quartz crystal balls. For most, these are the best option as the cost is low while still consisting of pure quartz. Reconstituted means it is pure quartz that is ground, heated and then reformed into a sphere shape. The fourth type is the pure quartz spheres. These are much more expensive and never completely clear. They contain (beautiful) inclusions that give it that ‘ice’ look mentioned by the Greeks. Some people love these for gazing as they are pure quartz in its natural form. Others don’t like the inclusions for gazing and prefer a completely clear sphere.

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